The Calligaris Group was born out of passion for wood and wooden furniture. The family business was fouded in 1923 by Antonio Calligaris and is headquartered in Manzano. Its first production consisted in variations of a tipical chair of the Friuli region, the Marocca. Until the beginning of the 1960 the output of the Calligaris artisan cottage was of strictly handmade products. Later, with the economical boom, the small business adopted technologies of serial production and soon developed into a real industry.

Over the years Calligaris became the undisputed leader for wooden chairs. Since the 1990s the Calligaris Group is designing, manufacturing and distributing tables and chairs, sofas and armchairs but also furnishings for sleeping areas and children’s bedrooms and storage systems. With utmost care and true to its original passion Calligaris managed to become an outstanding example for design made in Italy. Today its products are highly appreciated all over Europe but also in the United States and in China.

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