Gamma International, company leader in the leather upholstery industry, is now in the best showrooms and interiors design studios in more than 90 countries all over the world. Since 1974, the company is known for a full made in Italy production and a high quality control on the finished products.

A contemporary design, a clean sign supported by traditional workmanship and high craftsmanship: this is the distinctiveness of Gamma manufacturing.

Beside this collection, already rich in emotional and technical contents, there is a new concept for the international design market.

The exclusivity of the “Dandy Home Collection”, designed by Giuseppe Viganò, is directly inspired by the fashion industry, through new combinations of materials, refined details and creative solutions.

With its two collections, Gamma expresses an attention to beauty, functionality and comfort of great actuality at all latitudes: an international style marked by luxury and exclusivity.

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